The Empress

(4/7) Hospital, Day 7 - She is one such as I; many things in little time.


Love Made Real

(1/7) Hospital, Day 7 - [NSFW]

This is one of the most personally meaningful poems I wrote during my time in the hospital. It describes the night before, the time I spent with Lily during the hours after the lights went out and we were supposed to be sleeping.

This describes the night we shared together after having written Abstinence Is Pain.

Thank You, Trees

(3/5) Hospital, Day 6 - Written in the second column of the page of Fever Dreams. I was pondering a way to fill the space so as not to waste the page while simultaneously lamenting the fact that empty space is beautiful in its own right; I was torn between the simplicity of a cleanly written poem and the efficiency of a page whose every line contains my thoughts and my verse.